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Did you know that 95% of people who lose weight put it back on within a year? A year! That's because they've read lots of articles on the internet that promise crazy amounts of weight loss in a stupendously short amount of time.

We make exercise fun and easy, for the ABSOLUTE BEGINNER. We focus on your strengths, set realistic goals that are personal to you so that you are engaged with every sessions. Combine that with a knowledgeable and patient (and very smiley :)) trainer, and you've got a recipe for success!

With the 4-Week Fitness Boost, you will receive 8 tailor-made sessions (to be completed within 6 weeks of first session.) It's perfect for those just starting out or those who need a kick up the backside to refocus their fitness and health efforts.

Dingis Fitness' Signature Programme

Learn the Best Diet and Exercise Programme for YOU
with our 4-Week Programme.

  • Great for Beginners.

    We have created this programme specifically for those who have no clue what they are doing!

  • A Tried and Tested Programme

    Receive a painstakingly personalised programme developed over 4 weeks.

  • Get Motivated. Stay Motivated.

    Be the person who knows how to keep fit, and loves it.


How can I be sure this works?

If you are not 100% with the programme at any point, you get all of your money back.



4 Week Fitness Boost - FAQ's (Click to Expand)

What is the package? +

What is the package?

The package is pretty much an overhaul of your fitness and diet. You will be taught the most important aspects of exercise and nutrition, so that you can live life to the fullest!

What's included in the package? +

What is included in the package?

8 sessions consisting of 15-20 minutes of fitness and nutrition education and a 40-45 minute personalised workout

The 8 sessions must be completed within 6 weeks of the first sessions.

Who is this package for? +

Who is this package for?

  • For people who want to invest in there own health and fitness.

  • For people who need the confidence to take their health anf fitness into their own hands.

  • For those that want be educated in how to get the best out of their own body

General FAQ's (Click to Expand)

What happens after I fill out the form? +

What happens after I fill in the form?

The details will be sent to Dingis Fitness. I will do a little song and dance, and contact you within 48HRS of receiving your details. This will be to confirm a time and place that is convenient and comfortable for our initial goal-setting consultation.

What happens during the consultation session? +

What happens during the consultation session?

The goal setting session is a great way for you to learn how to set achievable goals, and teach you the habits that will get you there. You can even ask for a free taster session even you still haven't made up your mind

What is Dingis Fitness' exercise and nutrition philosophy? +

What is Dingis Fitness' exercise and nutrition philosophy?

We believe that life is too short not to be fit. not to be able to play 5-a-side at the weekend. Too short to go to the park with your children/nephews/nieces and feel winded with any exertion. Too short to be so unfit travelling to see the world terrifies you.
We create custom-made fitness programmes that are tailored for your exact needs. We give you the support, accountability and motivation you need to reach your goals. We teach you habits that will make the transition easier for you and more effective.

What are your training sessions like? +

What Are Your Training Sessions Like?

Our training sessions are custom-made and so differ from person to person. Clients engage in different exercise and fitness types including cardio, weight training, Pilates and High Intensity Training (HIT). Your tailored package will depend on your goals, time-frame and what exercises you may like or dislike.

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