My Story

Before you go making any decisions on hiring a personal trainer, I thought it'd be good if we just got to know one another...

I'm Malachi Dingis and I'm a 28 year old personal trainer living & working in Bath.
I'd also like to be the personal trainer who gets you fitter, more confident & happier.


I was brought up in London, and have lived in Ireland, Nigeria, Northern Ireland and Essex before making my way to Bath in 2007 to do a Sports Science Degree at Bath University.
Ten years later and this beautiful city is still my home...along with my beautiful wife and our baby daughter.

Sport, fitness and anatomy has always interested me - our bodies are amazing machines. Working in fitness allows me to continually develop my knowledge and expertise as well as share this passion for healthy lifestyles.
In my view happiness is a by-product of living a life full of purpose, energy and progress. Fitness is the tool of choice for me to preach that mantra.


  • Insurance - Insured by REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) for Public Liability.
  • Pre/Post Natal Exercise Prescription Certification - This means I can deliver safe and effective programme for women who are about to give birth, or
  • Personal Trainer Level 2 and 3 REPS Accredited -This allows me to deliver one-one. sessions.
  • BSc Sports and Exercise Science Degree - Not needed to become a personal trainer, but immensely useful in my ability to explain my fitness science.

Sometimes, one person believing you can change is the spark you needed.
Get in touch to talk through your goals...and we'll achieve them together!