Starting Fitness? Do what you’re good at!

I used to hate board games. I kind of tolerate them now. You know what has changed?

I got better a them.

I realised that I was just a sore loser! I just don’t like sucking at stuff. But let’s be honest, who does?!

When taking on the goal to improve your health/fitness, what do you do? Work on strengths first, or do you shore up your weaknesses?

I think strengths. Going to the gym or going for a run is awkward enough, there is just no need to make it more miserable! Trying to run when “big boned-ness” runs in the family is an experience akin to childhood P.E. lessons spent trying to act like you know to kick a ball! And that’s shame, especially in a gym. It’s the one place that people go to improve themselves.

If you’ve been to a gym, you’ve seen the crazy-ass people doing acrobatics and lifting stupid amounts of weight while grunting like hippos. But those people have one thing in common, they’re comfortable because they know what they’re doing, and what they’re doing is bringing them closer to their goal.

I hate running, but my friend told me running is best for weight loss?!

That might be true for your friend, and running might help you lose weight quicker than if you lift weights (in general that’s not true, but lets go along with that for the moment!).

But I feel this quote explains my thoughts;

The best exercise is the one you’ll actually do!

To be motivated in anything things are essential (according to the Self Determinant Theory of Motivation 🙄
• Competency – if we think we are good at something, or see progress, we do it more.
• Autonomy – Choose to improve your fitness, and choosing how you will do so!
• Self Relatedness – Training with people, or social aspect of sport, aligning fitness with your core principles.

Doing what you’re good at ticks the box of competence in terms of motivation. It helps to build momentum, which is always hard to come by if you’re going to the gym (a place you might hate), if you’re doing stuff that you suck at!

Well I don’t know what I’ll be good at!? 😡

Without seeing someone train, it’s hard to say what they’re going to be best at!

But here are some general guidelines.

• Your genetics will dictate a decent amount of your strengths. Tall and skinny? Then running and jumping. Big boned? Means more surface area for your muscles!
• If you have a personal trainer, they will try to help you with your goals. But they should also help you find your strengths, and be proud of them.
• Play sports you were good at. Use the gym to increase fitness and skill to get even better at that sport.
• Does the idea fill you with dread? Well don’t do it then!

Have fun at the gym. It really is possible!

Not sure how to make the most of your time there.

Email, and I’ll be more than happy to help with some suggestions!

Why Get a Personal Trainer? – To Push Past Your Limits.


When I tell people I’m a personal trainer, I’m met with quizzical and confused looks.

I guess the bemused faces are asking “What does a personal trainer actually do?”

And more importantly…

How can a personal trainer actually help ME?

Well….watch the video below to find out why personal trainer can be useful! (Or read on below.)



“Oooff, that’s heavy, I won’t be able to lift that!

Clients are always convinced that I’m asking too much from them, but then surprise themselves by lifting it with ease (and a little shriek!).

The video above explains 2 different limits – “perceived limits” and “true limits”

If you imagine your “perceived limit” as the planet earth. It’s boring, it’s surface is covered in lots of water, and those pesky laws of physics apply. Nothing much happens here. This is where half-assed workouts end up!

Now imagine your “true limit” is like the wardrobe that leads you to Narnia. Here, there are faun galavanting around, talking lions and all the turkish delight you like (or hate!).

The questions is, do your want a half-ass workout of boring earth stuff (taxes, death, Kardashians)

Or do you want a kick-ass workout with talking lions and unlimited Turkish delight?

Want a kick-ass workout, that takes you to the world of Narnia?
Visit our CONTACT page, and we’ll show you our secret entrance!

Dingis Fitness – Making Fitness More Accessible

Fitness can be a bit of a cult. It’s very easy to drink the fitness coolade.

“Ah, I’ve just spent £200 on a detox. New year, new me!”

Honestly, I don’t like fitness as an industry. I like being fit, which enables me to get more done and have more energy and I believe we are born to move, and keep moving till we meet our maker. But I don’t’ think fitness is the be all and end all.

Don’t get me wrong, as a personal trainer I think fitness is a great way for people to celebrate small victories, to work on themselves with reckless disregard to everyone else and to develop a habit of taking care of their physical and mental well-being.

But when you have to spend stupid amount of money to look a certain way. To buy this particular piece of ludicrously expensive equpment. Work out like this or like that . It just puts a lot of people off, including myself. It’s makes people say “fitness isn’t for me!”

I believe fitness is for everyone. Maybe health is a better word. I think health is for everyone.


Is Personal Training Elitist?

Is personal training too expensive? I don’t know. It definitely feels like that sometimes. It can feel a little elitist. I think that is particularly true in Bath.  Gym memberships start from about £40 a month, and personal training starting from about £40/ hr.

I’ve been striving to make fitness more accessible.

I believe that personal training is great because you get find your brand of fitness, if you get the right trainer! But it shouldn’t need to cost an arm and leg. If you ever sat down with a personal trainer or even worse, a gym sales rep, you’ll understand. “Well if you gave a damn about your body, you’d give me stupid amounts of money.”

But it’s not really a hard decision between eating that day and buying a gym membership.


Why Dingis Fitness is Trustworthy

Everyone will say their fitness services are trustworthy. But with Dingis Fitness honesty, working relationships and self-development are prioritised before making money or working you till you puke!

But how are we making fitness more accessible?

  • We try to be transparent – we’ve included our prices on all of our offerings, even though all sales handbooks say to do the opposite. (Roughly £35 per 1hr session, or £20 per 30 minute sessions. Sessions are £25 for new customers with our 4-Week Fitness Boost!)
  • We understand that this isn’t cheap –  But we trying to make it accessible as possible. That is why we are offering instalments and free sessions below. Intrigued, keep reading below.
  • Money back guarantee – during our initial consultation we get to know what you want and how you want to feel when you train with us. We aim to create long term goals so you don’t need a personal trainer for the rest of your life. If you’re not happy with what we offer, we’ll give you your money back.

We want people to make up their own mind. We don’t want to do any weird sales trick, trying to get people to part with their hard earned cash. When people sign up with us, they already know and trust that we are always working in their best interests.


Everybody in Bath Can get Fit!

Confessions of a Personal Trainer

Everyone writes when they’ve conquered there demons. I wanted to do it a little different.

I wanted to write this while life was hard. Whether you’re a parent, a personal trainer or an investment banker, your health isn’t always your number one priority. And sometimes, that’s OK.



In the beginning it was all swell –   😀 

The Dingis family added a second girl to the crew. She’s lovely.

We chose Sarafina because it sounded great. It’s derivative of Seraphim (a type of angel)…it’s also a character in a South African musical on apartheid.


At the same time as having a new edition to the family, the number of personal training sessions I was doing doubled in the space of a month. As the kids say, it was off the chain. This isn’t the sob-story part. These are all amazing things. I’m glad the work I’ve put it is paying off.

But then…very quickly the mood fell…

The first 2 months me and my wife were averaging 2-3 hours of sleep a night. Sleep then got better (4 hrs a night, felt like heaven), then it got whole lot worse! So many times I’d get home and neither me or my wife could manage to cook, so I was eating cereal for dinner. And then again for breakfast the next morning.

In short my diet went to pot;

  • Eating too many  at carbs
  • too much sugar
  • having cereal
  • not having any veg at all
  • eating out constantly

And annoyingly, I knew that most of these problems stemmed from the lack of energy I had because I was not sleeping at all!

And now… the stress is starting to tell

My training suffered as well.

I’m happy with my weight and how I look, though it’s obvious I’ve been leaner. The biggest problem was that my training hasn’t excited me! I had been playing with the idea of hitting a 200kg squat…but honestly, I don’t care!

I mean, I still get in 2 sessions a week, which most people would be happy with. But when you’re trying to inspire people to live healthier and exercise, when you’re livelihood depends on how you look  and when you need to keep learning so that you always have material to teach other people to live healthier and more fulfilled lives, then 2 sessions a week is mediocre.

The problem with my training was that I wasn’t focus. I didn’t want to focus. I wasn’t improving. Staying healthy wasn’t a priority. Making sure my family could eat was. Making sure that I didn’t feel like I was going to buckle under the pressure and responsibility was the priority. That’s not an excuse. If I went through that again, I’d make the same decisions to save my sanity, and not my waist line.

What am I doing now?

I’m coming out the other side, so hopefully I’ll be sorting out my snacks and carb intake, but nothing more. I’m in good health , thank God, so I need to take baby steps! I find a good way to reset is a fast, or some type of weekly/monthly challenge (like having no sugar, eating 5 portions of veg everyday etc.)

I need to prove to myself that I don’t need sugar. That food is great, but I’m in control. That I have way more food than I need, and I can be appreciative of that by eating the food and keeps me healthy, and not just alive.

Here are my 3 priorities in taking control of my health

  • My focus is re-establishing sleep routines and drinking enough water.
  • I have forced myself to train – by training with clients. This gives me social motivation, as I can’t let my client down, and it’s booked out in my calendar.
  • Eat veg for snacks. (I got into the habit of eating raw red peppers like apples. Delicious!)

Let’ see how it goes. If you see me, ask me how it’s going, or tell me your health woes.

Or you can visit our Facebook page – – and do the same!

3 Not-So-Obvious Reasons to Sleep More!


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Learn Fitness in Bite-sized Chunks! Mmmmmm…Chunks!

Need to Drink More Water? Aim to Pee More!



This article was written for Health Gym in Bath by yours truly (Malachi). Below are the 3 practical tips I give to drink water. If you would like to read more, click the link just below the 3 tips outlined!

“OK, what should I do to drink more water?”

  1. I’m glad you asked. Here are my 3 tips to make it easy to stay hydrated:Write down how much you drink. Actually being aware helps you make better decisions. You don’t have to keep track  for long. Just until you have a clear idea of where you are

  2. Carry a bottle with you. Every time you see the bottle, it’s a cue to drink more water reducing the effort needed to drink. If you train at Health you’ll already have your very own BPA free water bottle – use it! (…other bottles are available)

  3. Aim to pee more. Every time you empty your bladder, it should be clear. This is another cue for you to drink more water, because you body has just gotten rid of some.  When you get back to your desk, you beautiful Health bottle is there for you, so all you have to do is drink more.

If you would like to read the rest of the article, then scoot on over to the Health Gym’s Blog, and figure out how much you should be drinking. CLICK HERE!

How to Give Personal Training Vouchers, Without Calling ’em Fat!


So how do you help someone get fitter, without laying down the gauntlet and turning Christmas into a wrestling match? I personally haven’t received a lot of gifts, so I don’t have any horror stories of my own. But from garish knitted sweaters to insulting diet books, there are always some bad gifts to be had.
(Hmmm… maybe my family’s allergy to gifts was a blessing in disguise!)

Gifts are quite cool. You get to spend a little time, money and effort to say something worthwhile: “I rate you!” or “I wouldn’t kick you out of bed for eating a packet of crisps“.

But what would you do if someone gave you, completely out of the blue, personal training vouchers?

Thank them? Punch them!? Kick them?!?

It’s not really the worst gift in the world, is it?! I mean, giving someone the opportunity to improve their health and all that jazz, that’s got to be good? I guess it all depends…

Fitness Vouchers Could Be an Idea…

They can give a friend or family member the kick up the back side they need, and help them make some great decisions about their life. But how do you give it to them and make them feel like they are loved rather than being judged as inadequate?

Here are 3 ways to make sure you’re making someone’s day, not ruining it!

• If the person is already fit, you probably don’t have much to worry about. They’ll probably be thankful. Hannah, one of my in-shape (and favourite) clients, thought that sounded about right. “I wouldn’t be offended if I received them as I’ve already had training sessions, and I’m quite confident with my fitness in general.”

Maybe give a gift that anyone wouldn’t mind having, or has novelty value. Something like a FitBit is intriguing and gadgety enough that you don’t really mind if you get one. And it might help you get fitter without you feeling like you’re being judged. A pair of running trainers is another gift that says “Look sexy and enjoy getting fit!”

Talk to them! Some relationships are strong enough that you can simply let them know you intend to help them get fitter. If they respond positively, you’re on to a winner. Just focus on what they might have said, not what you want them to do. Or maybe remind them if they expressed that they’d like to get fitter, so they know where you are coming from, making sure to include words of affirmation.

Either way, you can start to strengthen these relationships, by giving your loved ones gifts that they’ll love receiving, and also helping them create the lives they really want.

Why would you give a fitness gift in the first place?

Have you ever wondered why when you start exercising, you try to improve other things such as smoking habits, diet, hydration, caffeine addiction and such like? According to The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change, it’s because exercise is a keystone habit. By exercising, our outlook becomes more positive, allowing us to feel confident enough to change other areas. Keystone habits also include exercising, improving sleep and meditating.

How amazing! You could be changing someones life with just one voucher.


How can Dingis Fitness Help?

We want to inspire, not intimidate. Fitness shouldn’t be complicated. You should be able to take small steps towards your goal, in the simplest possible way. That’s what we want to do for you and your loved one.  We want you to be able to enjoy your own brand of fitness, whether you’re a beginner or a frustrated gym-goer.

  • We’ve created unexpectedly beautiful and vibrant vouchers,
  • Handmade special treat included in voucher,  for your loved one to enjoy the moment.
  • Even our compliment slips have a powerful positive message to the recipient;

You’re awesome. Let’s make you Awesome-er!


Intrigued? Find out more about out personal training vouchers by clicking this link!

What Personal Trainers Know About Enjoying Fitness That You Don’t

Have ever been angry when you see a personal trainer and think to yourself, “Yeah, it’s easy for them to stay fit when they live in the gym!” Well I have, and I’m a personal trainer.

The thing is, it’s sooooo true. I doubt I would look the way I do now if I wasn’t a personal trainer.

But there is a little more to the story. And more importantly, there are things you can learn from personal trainers that can be applied to your busy life.

So below are 4 reasons why I think personal trainers seem to find it easy to exercise. Each reason has its actionable advice to walk away and hit the gym (or road) like a boss!


1. Lots of Little Victories

Some personal trainers had major events in their life that made them focus on becoming fitter and healthier. Some trainers have always been in fitness and enjoy the competition. Some just enjoy how exercise makes them look. One thing they all have in common is that they have had success in attaining a certain amount of fitness, and those successes spurred them on to train harder and to teach other people how to achieve their fitness goals.
So what should I do? – Start small. So small you can’t fail. Make sure every week you have at least one chance to have a small victory. Your mindset will slowly change from “OMG this is boring” to “I’m a Boss!”


2. Habits

Personal trainers have habits ingrained into them. When they go to the gym, they do so before or after work. They have a programme written out so that they don’t have to come up with something new every time. Trainers and regular gym-goers usually have a certain ritual that they perform. This includes things like a warm-up, putting on some music, writing down their goals for that session. All these things help to create the path of least resistance, and make training doable, even when you are devoid of inspiration!
So what should I do? – Sometimes a dirty little gym that is on your way home is a million times better than a gym that has everything you ever wanted from a gym, but take an extra 15 minutes to get to. Just try to keep things as simple as possible.
Also, try workout around something you do every week without fail and at the same time each week if possible. Just before or after work is a good time. Also, going to a class is great for getting into an exercise routine.

3. They Know What To Do

Figuring out how to get your backside into the gym is your first step to regular exercise. The other half is knowing what to do when you are at the gym.
This point ties in well with the point about previous success. When you track how successful you have been in the little victories, you see a unique pattern that hows you what things make you feel great. The better you get, the less guesswork, the less wasted energy.
So what should I do? Try and find trusted source of information. Friends can be good, but will have limited knowledge, and if you’re to at the same level, they can hurt your progress. Finding a trainer you trust (like me!) or reading a fitness blog (like this one)! that helps you makes sense of the confusing world of fitness

4. It’s Part of Their Life.

This is last but definitely not least. My gym-ing philosophy is only an extension of my life. I am all about experiencing new things and learning self-mastery. I don’t particularly compete or take my workouts that seriously in all honesty. I just enjoy it. I enjoy beating my own records. I like being able to master a new skill. I really enjoy being able to do an exercise that is really hard, but make it look technically elegant and effortless. I like that exercising make me look good. It’s just not my goal when I walk into the gym.
So what should I do? Figure out who you really are. Then tie in your gym mentality into your life philosophy. If you are all about elegance and relaxation, Pilates is a great one to try. Jack of all trades? The just spend 4 weeks on one goal and then move onto something else. Movement of any sort is good for you.

These tips will really help reduce the resistance that you feel about going to the gym. When you’re in the rhythm, you will surprised how easy it is and how hard you found it before. For the moment, just start small. 🙂

photo credit: Runar Eilertsen via photopin cc

How to Choose a Personal Trainer That’s Awesome.

It would be a lie if I said that you need a personal trainer to become fit. Need is too strong of a word. And for a lot of people, it’s an unneeded luxury.

But would you achieve your goals and enjoy exercising more? Probably.

Do you know why you are not losing weight? Or why you aren’t feeling as energised as you did a few years ago? Or why sleeping is much harder? Is there a reason why you absolutely hate exercising? There is usually one or two things in your life that when shifted, can make an absolutely huge difference And that’s where a personal trainer comes in.

So how do you go about choosing one? Well…lets go through some case studies, and then everything will be a little bit clearer.

It’s a shame you can’t see the JAZZ HANDS!

Case Studies

I am going to compare three fitness sites (T-Nation, Dingis Fitness and Zumba) to help you get a little bit of an idea. They aren’t all websites of personal trainers, but they illustrate my point very well.


The link above is for a fitness site called T-Nation, which is street for Testosterone Nation. Straight away, you can tell who they cater for. They appeal to Body-builders (mostly men) who love to live in the gym, eat lots of meat and have tattoos. They offer in-depth info on how to get ripped and be bad-ass. Non of what I said above is meant to be offensive. It is simply what type of people they appeal to. Even the colour of the website (red and black) are used to portray a feeling of aggression.

Dingis Fitness

My site, Dingis Fitness, uses lighter colours. Most of the language is kept very simple. There are not too many posey pictures so that people don’t feel completely inadequate. It is aimed at those who feel scared to even go for a run by themselves or are overwhelmed by all the conflicting fitness information. They probably just need someone to talk about fitness in an honest and down to earth manner.


Zumba appeals mostly to women (which is unfair because I want to try it!). It contains mostly pictures of women with very big and cheesy smiles and loud vibrant colours. They’re probably aiming to interact with feisty women who like to be moving all the time and are energetic.

Hopefully you’ll see that personal trainers are people with their own personality. You want to make sure that the trainers you approach are at least people you would like to spend some time with. Once you’ve had a look and narrowed you choices down, you’ll want to try and meet the trainers face to face. Most trainers offer a free taster session or consultation. Make sure you are ready to ask questions as well as answering them to get the most from the consultation.


A question is the first step in your journey to an answer.

The best way to find out about anything is to ask the right questions, so make sure you are equipped with some.

Here are some great questions to ask potential personal trainers:

Ask Them

  • What’s your plan for me? (Obviously after you told them about your goals , hopes and dreams.(
  • What type of clients do you usually work with?
  • What’s approach do you have to fitness and health? Strict? Military? Empathetic? Fun and relaxing?

Ask Yourself Afterwards

  • Did I feel comfortable – you’ll be spending a lot of time with them one-on-one, so you’d better like them.
  • Did they listen  – or were they too busy telling you about their qualifications?
  • Will they deliver the results? – did they feel confident about working with you and explain things to you in a way you understood.
  • Did you feel the that they cared enough to keep you accountable?

A good personal trainer should be able to make sense of the confusion and anxiety you may have of fitness. During your initial consultation. Make sure that you feel you have been listened to.

Have fun and get fit peoples!


If you really can’t be bothered to do all this work, I have a great solution for you. Pick me! Simple, honest fitness is what I do. Get a free consultation with me and see what all the fuss is about. Contact me using the form below and I’ll get back you as soon as possible.