Short Term vs Long Term Weight Loss

Did you know that 95% of people who lose weight put it back on within a year? A year! That’s because they’ve read lots of articles on the internet that promise crazy amounts of weight loss in a stupendously short amount of time. And a lot of that has to do with our need to focus on short term fixes.

Think about it: if you lose weight in 3 months and get in the best shape of your life for a further month. But then a month later, you’re back to square one, because your approach had created unsustainable diet habits.

Was it a success? Only you can answer that. If the answer is yes, and that is all you wanted, then you would call that success. I totally get it, I’m not here to judge. Quick and fast feels good (honestly – if I could make a million pounds right now without hurting anyone, I would!)

But that’s not my definition of success. I’m a sucker for the slow and steady, because I don’t kill myself in the meantime, and learn so much. Anything that I have achieved so far in my 28 years that I am really proud of, has taken sustained effort. Sometimes these great achievements start with a bang, and sometime it’s a boring start. But the achievements always happen because I followed up with consistent application.

Weight Loss Habits – Short Term vs Long Term

Below is a short list of 5 differences between quick fixes and long term weight management. You can start to change your mindset now, so that you start to thing about your health in years, not just months. This way, weight loss becomes an experiment that is fun, and an exercise in learning about yourself!

Check out the video below, and the rest of the blog post below that!

1. Fad Diets vs Daily Food Habits

One will restrict your eating, making you lose unsustainable amount of weight, till you revolt and eat obscene amounts of food, knocking you further back than you ever were.

The other one will cost less, feel automatic, improve your overall health and well-being,

2. Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset/

One will make you think it’s all about talent, and that you’re just big-boned.

The other one means that you know you can get to a healthy weight, as long as you keep improving your nutrition and moving more.

3. Hate Exercising vs Love movement

One means you feel guilty whenever you drive past the gym.

The other means you try a handstand at a party (because you still go to those!), fall on your face and laugh knowing that one day you’ll get it!

4. Focus on Quantum leaps vs Looking at small achievable goals to gain momentum

One makes you believe you can reverse 20 years of bad eating and couch potato-ness, with a 30-day challenge.

The other means you approach long term weight loss like you would if you had to eat a whole elephant in 24 hours; one small chunk at a time!

5. Listen to everyone else vs Listen to your body

One means every time a new diets comes out, or a friend recommends a new “fitness tea”, you don’t take your own experiences, or common sense, into account.

The other means you know your body doesn’t mind gluten, and that eating carbs in the evening doesn’t make you fat!

LAUNCH Weight Loss Programme – The Complete Weight Loss Programme

LAUNCH is Dingis Fitness’ Signature Weight Loss Programme!

We not only help you lose weight, as quickly and as safely as possible. We also make sure that we provide you with a weight loss “Exit Plan“, so that when you finish with us, you know the exact steps you need to take to keep the weight off, and lose even more!

And if you are not happy with the amount of weight you have lost at the end of first 4 weeks, we’ll refund you your money!

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Create Your Own HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are cool and trendy. But also very useful, especially if you are short on time. And even if you have an hour to workout, it’s a great way to finish a workout to make sure you’ll leave in a slight glow of sweat!

But where do you start? Well.. right here, right now!

How to Create Your Workout

By the end of this blog post, you’ll have created a balanced workout with 4 exercises that hits your whole body, with workout format that is challenging, not debilitating.

The exercises have been split into 4 categories (Upper Body Push, Upper Body Pull, Lower body (legs) and Core). Each category has 5 levels of exercises. These aren’t strict levels, they’re just there to give you an idea of where to start. If you’re unsure where to start, begin with lower levelled exercises, and work your way up the levels.

  • Level 1- Complete Beginner (you just learnt what HITT was yesterday!)
  • Level 5 –  Ridiculously Fit (so fit everyone hates and envies you!)

Just two easy steps

  1. Choose the right HIIT format.
  2. Choose the exercises that can do from each of the 4 categories.

Any more questions, then check out the FAQ questions at the bottom! And check out our example workout while you’re down there!

HIIT Format

HIIT workouts are usually between 10-20 minutes. An important part of the HIIT workout is the work to rest ratio (i.e how long you are working out for compared to how much rest you have). For example, a ratio of 40:20 means doing an exercise for 40 seconds and then resting for 20 seconds before moving onto the next exercise. I like to use minute intervals, as this keeps it simple. But if you’d like a little variation, you can change the amount of work and rest you have for each exercise.

Below are 3 formats to use. Don’t spend to long choosing one. You should be able to choose your format and exercises all within 10 minutes. (There is an example workout at the bottom of the page to help make it clearer what to do!)

Each format has the work to rest ratio, and how many sets you should do. Each one will take exactly 16 minutes to do. Any interval timer of the Android Play store or Apple’s AppStore should do the trick.

  1. Beginner – 30s:30s – 4 Sets
  2. Intermediate – 40s:20s –  4 sets
  3. Advanced – 55s:5s – 4 sets

HIT Exercises

Upper Body Pull

  • Level 1 – Bicep Curls
  • Level 2 – Upright Rows
  • Level 3 – Dumbbell Rows
  • Level 4 – Inverted Rows
  • Level 5 – Pull Ups

Upper Body Push

  • Level 1 – Tricep Kickbacks
  • Level 2 – Bench Dips
  • Level 3 – Push-ups to Pike
  • Level 4 – Push-ups
  • Level 5 – Burpees

Lower Body Exercises

  • Level 1 – Squats
  • Level 2 – Dynamic Side Lunges
  • Level 3 – Squats Jumps
  • Level 4 – Jumping Lunges
  • Level 5 – Single Leg Squats

Core Exercises

  • Level 1 – Crunches
  • Level 2 – Bicycle Crunches
  • Level 3 – Planks
  • Level 4 – Reach and Crunch
  • Level 5 – Hanging Leg Raises

Example HIIT Workout

1. Squat Jumps 2. Bench Dips 3. Upright Rows 4. Reach and Crunch.

I choose the 2nd HIIT workout format from above (40s:20s for 4 sets).

  • I start with the squats jumps, doing them for 40s, then rest for 20s
  • I move on to the next exercise, the bench dips, and do the same thing (work for 40s and rest 20s)
  • I do the same with the last two exercises to complete the set.
  • There is no additional rest between the sets, so from the last of the 4 exercises (reach and crunch), go back and start again (with the squat jumps.).
  • Complete 4 sets.
  • You have just done a HIIT workout. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Will I need weights?

No, but some exercises do need a external resistance, so you’ll have a more exercise choice with them.

How do I make the workout harder?

If it’s too easy, choose a highly level exercise, add a set, or choose a more difficult workout format.

How Many Times a week?

As many as you want. If it’s the only exercise you do each week, at least 3 times a week. You can do them everyday, just be careful to manage your recovery.

If you are adding it to your existing weekly routine, add one workout first and see how your body responds, and then work from there!

If you have any other questions email, and I’ll happily answer them for you

Why not get a free HIIT in person session with me, with no obligation.

Just visit the contact page quoting “FREE HIIT SESSION”, and leave us a message!

Summer’s Testimonial – Weight Loss in Training Bath

This is Summer (pseudonym) . She was looking for help after having a baby. Even though she was tired and hanging on for dear life (limited sleep will do that to you!), she was able to lose weight, and get into a habit of running 3 times a week. She is soooooo proud of what she has accomplished.

She felt like a superhero!

Check out her testimonial below, and find out why Dingis Fitness is perfect for you and your weight loss goals!

Summer Davidson

Age/Age Range:

What 3 words would friends use to describe you?
Kind, nuts!! thoughtful

What made you get a personal trainer?
I was keen to lose the weight I’d put on in pregnancy.

How did you learn about Dingis Fitness?

In general, what attracted you to Dingis Fitness?
I liked the way you wrote on your website, you looked like a friendly chap! And had good qualifications! 

What problem has Dingis Fitness help you tackle?
You’ve helped me to rebuild my fitness levels and to lose weight

How did Dingis Fitness help with that?
We looked at my diet and changed it where appropriate, we devised weekly stretches, walking distance and now running!

What specific things have you achieved?
My fitness levels have improved and I’ve lost a stone!

What type of people are Dingis Fitness perfect for? Ummm!

What is most important thing that has led to a positive experience with Dingis Fitness?


Malachi is passionate about helping you to achieve your goals! He is fun, kind and non-judgmental, he makes you feel completely at ease. He takes the time to plan out a routine especially suited to your needs and really encourages you to reach your potential. I have surprised myself in what I have been able to achieve, I’ve lost a stone in 2 months and my fitness levels have improved a lot, I’m so pleased with how far I’ve come. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without Malachi’s expertise and encouragement! I highly recommend him, he is an amazing fitness instructor!  

Want to Lose Weight? Contact us here!

Ash’s Testimonial – Weight Loss Training in Bath

This is Ash. After losing weight with Dingis Fitness, he felt like a boss.

He felt like a superhero!

Check out his google review, and find out why he loved working with us! 🙂





What made Ash get a personal trainer?
He needed to lose weight ready for his wedding, which was 4 months away.

How did he learn about Dingis Fitness?
Ashlea learned about Dingis Fitness from a recommendation from Phase One Gym.

How did Dingis Fitness help Ash Lose weight?
We tried to create sessions that were both challenging, but enjoyable, to keep Ash coming back for more! We also developed some great diet habits that made weight loss seem achievable. And it was!

What specific things did Dingis Fitness help Ash to achieve?
Ash was able to lose 9cm off his waist, and add some muscle mass. On Ash’s slim frame, that made all the difference!

Want to Lose Weight? Contact us here!

Holly’s Testimonial – Personal Training in Bath

This is Holly. She can do 5 pull ups. A 100kg Squats. A 100kg deadlift.

She feels like a superhero!

Check out her review below. If your goal is to scare the men at your gym with your raw power, then you’re in the right place!





What made Holly get a personal trainer?
She said she was simply bored of her own training and wanted some new ideas!

How did she learn about Dingis Fitness?
Holly learnt about Dingis Fitness from a recommendation from Phase One Gym.

How did Dingis Fitness help Holly?
We just focused on exploring her physical limits. Whether it was weights, cardio, fitness or balance, we were always trying new things. We played with everything and made sure every session there was a focus, but that she would also leave with a smile at the end of each session!

What specific things did Dingis Fitness help Holly achieve?
Holly can now do 5 pull-ups, 100kg squat and deadlift, and a pistol squat. Holly has achieved a lot!! 

Want to get strong? Contact us here!

Weight Loss is Simple!

People in the fitness industry like to complicate things. I have no idea why, but it really frustrates me, and I’m guessing you’re reading this because it frustrates you too!

But why are things complicated? I can’t answer all your questions, but I can give you some ideas as to why the fitness industry is so complicated!

Read on below to find out how Dingis Fitness keeps it simple for his clients. If you keep reading this post, you’ll also find out what most diets have in common, and what Dingis Fitness is doing to make fitness accessible!

But firstly…

Reasons Why Weight Loss SEEMS Complicated!

1. Healthy and being at optimal weight are usually conflated…

…as if they were the same thing. Less fat in general reduces risks of diabetes, heart diseases, energy, mood, depression, etc. . But to be truly healthy other factors are just as important. These include, but are not limited to, dealing with stress, having strong social relationships, managing finances and taking care of your mental health. It’s complicated. Weight loss, however, shouldn’t be as complicated for the majority of people. Do read on to find out what the basics are!

2. Money is one hell of a drug!

It’s money. And the fitness industry is not immune to its lure!

3. You don’t believe improving 1% each day…

…and instead look for big quantum leaps of improvement. Nothing happens like that. No-one is an overnight success. It just looks that way. Just ask Ed Sheeran.

So what should be your focus when trying to lose weight, as simply as possible?

To lose weight…

You need to ingest fewer calories than you expend.

That is everyones starting point. For most normal healthy people, that’ll be enough to get the ball rolling!

Calories In VS Out - Dingis Fitness - Personal Trainer Bath


That doesn’t necessarily mean calorie counting.

We want to keep it simple, in terms everyone can understand. Calorie counting isn’t as complicated as people make it out to be, but if it’s your first try at losing weight, habits should be your focus, not calories. Calorie counting is great for understanding the choices you’re making and what changes you should try to adopt. It’s just not a long-term strategy.

Most of weight loss habits/tips/advice you read on the internet will focus on reducing your calories. This can be done in two ways;

  1. Eating less volume of food to eat fewer calories (e.g. eating on a smaller plate to automatically eat less food).
  2. Changing the types of food and beverages that are ingested to reduce calorie intake (e.g. eating palm sized portion of protein with ever meal to feel fuller for longer).

NB: – Reducing calories ingested is much easier than increasing calorie expenditure!

Which habits you choose you do these things are very personal and there are hundreds of tips and tricks and advice that you could take, but if you focus on the big rocks, the thing that will move the scale, you’ll be fine!

There is more to weight loss than just focusing on calories.

But if you focus on reducing calories by making better food choices, and eating less, it’s a great start.
And for most normal healthy people with no underlying diseases or syndromes, this focus will get you where you want to be.

But, but but, butt…

“But my friend told me that her friends mothers’ cat had a friend that loss weight by this diet that makes you do the macarena every time you eat carbs.”

"But my friend told me that her friends mothers' cat had a friend that loss weight by this diet that makes you do the macarena every time you eat carbs."

I feel the calories sliding right off!! ????

Stop complicating it!!

Most diets end up making you eat fewer calories, in one way or another. That’s why all diets work for some people, at least in the short-term. They usually do so by restricting food choice or food amount strictly. No wonder we hate diets. No one can possibly keep eating in such an uninspiring way!

Calisthenics – Personal Trainer in Bath

Last week I wrote about Animal Flow and how I use different training styles to spice up my routine. Calisthenics is another way I could add a little salt and pepper to my workouts!

Calisthenics is a whole school of movement, but the best way I can describe it is a simplified version of gymnastic. You know, like how dogs are simplified easier version of children. Or maybe that’s more advanced: it just depends on the day!

Exercises that are part of calisthenics include handstands, muscles ups, dips, front and back levers . I’ve included a video of me doing a pistol squat, my first ever muscle up and an exercise called skin the cat (I have no idea why it’s called that still!)

Dingis Fitness – Personal Trainer in Bath

I’ve been working on a few different exercises for a little while. Check out some of my favourite calisthenic exercises that I’ve achieved!

Skin The Cat

  • This exercise is great for improving shoulder mobility and strength.
  • There is a surprising amount of control needed from lats and chest. (Active hangs are a great way to get a feel for this!)
  • You probably need to be able to do a full pull up and push up before attempting this move!
  • If you’re starting out, just try to get your feet to the bar and down, in a controlled way. That will give you confidence to go for the full movement!

Muscles Ups

  • A lot harder than just pull ups. It’s like a pull up straight into a front dip.
  • The elbow position is very important. As you transition from the pull up phase to the front dip, you need to get your elbows above your wrists as quick as possible.
  • Before attempting, make sure you can do 5 clean pull ups and 5 full body parallel dips. That isn’t a definite requirement, but gives you the confidence to control your body.

Pistols Squats

  • Great for challenging your single leg strength and stability.
  • It also requires great knee and ankle mobility and strength. Great way to bullet proof those legs from injury.
  • You can use steps/benches to do single leg squats. This will get you familiar with the movement. As you get more confident, you can simple use fewer steps so you are lowering yourself slightly lower each time.

Extra Resources

If you’d like to learn more about calisthenics, the links below are a great start!

Check out this website to learn more (Great for beginners!)

Check out these guys on Facebook

Want to learn any of these exercises, and even more? Train with Dingis Fitness to start your calisthenics journey. We specialise in getting beginners comfortable with the exercises, and teaching you how to advance your skills, on your own schedule!

Interested. contact us now to get skinning and pistolling!

Animal Flow – Personal Trainer Bath

I first found Animal Flow when I got bored of weight training and wanted to have a bit more fun with my training. Along with Gold Model Bodies, Animal Flow introduced me to the idea that fitness can be focused on play and movement, not muscle building or weight loss. In other words, a soft focus on what all bodies were meant to do, and not on how some bodies were meant to look!

I’ve included videos of some of the exercises included in the Animal Flow system. If you’d like to get a good feel of Animal Flow, skip straight to the videos. If you’re not sure why you would want to even include it, then read on!

But why should you care?

The movements included in Animal Flow and other movement based systems are there to challenge your strength at your extremities. They teach you to move your own body rather than moving an external load.

3 Reasons to Do Animal Flow

It’s Just So Much Fun

Sometimes, just moving for the sake of it is great. All animals play to learn skills, engage their mind and their bodies. And as kids this is what we live for every day. Then we grow up, but also grow sad, stressed, inactive and unhealthy. Sounds dramatic, but play has been scientifically proven to significantly affect our happiness, mood and health! Don’t believe me, check out the articles below!

Making fitness fun is half the battle in making it a habit. You’ll actually choose to do it, rather than feeling bad for not doing.

More articles on play! ⬇️

Aging Gracefully

Animal Flow is great for people who want stay active and physically resilient as they get older, without being too strenuous. Think of it as dynamic Pilates!

With a lot of people, movement deteriorates rapidly because we move less and less. We do lose muscle naturally as we get older, which can affect our movement. But daily movement and mobility can really improve the lives off anyone advancing in age, or even those youths staring at their phones all day!

Rehab/Pre-hab Mobility Work

By taking your body to the limits of movement, and asking it to apply strength and control there, you can make sure you’re re-gaining/maintaining optimal movement. This is because your body gets better at coordinating your limbs, addressing muscle imbalances and working through larger ranges of movement with control with movement systems like Animal Flow.

Dingis Fitness Doing Animal Flow

The movements are below deceptively hard, but should give you a taste of Animal Flow. I’ve also included a video by the Creator, Mike Fitch, doing a beautiful flow. It’s a must see!

Beast Crawls (with a dumbbell on my back!)

Side Kick-through

Very Simple Animal Flow

Beautiful Animal Flow Sequence

Would you like to train with Dingis Fitness, learning how to move better?

Or just learn some of the moves you’ve seen in the videos above?

Contact us for a free Animal Flow Taster Session!

Allergic to Cardio? You can still lose weight!

I’m getting better at running longer distances. I use to do athletics (100m) training when I was at uni. But that was short distances. Sometimes I’d sprint just 10m at a time! When it gets longer than 400m, I’m just kinda done! I need those short intervals to feel alive!


I need that lactic acid burn to feel alive!! ????


Slow, long distance running feels like torture. You know, the water torture kind. At first you think it’s all good, a nice little pitter patter. Next thing you know, you’re telling strangers secrets and offering your kidney to anyone who’d make the pain stop!


So, Do I Have To Do Cardio To Lose Weight?

No, not at all.

In fact, just to reiterate, your diet is the most important factor for weight loss. It’s easier to cut 300 calories from your diet than increasing physical activity by 300 calories (that’s about 40 minutes of moderate hard exercise!)

That’s not to say exercise can’t help, especially if you’re looking for a tones/lean look. I just wanted to make sure we had our priorities straight. In cas you still want some exercise to bolster your weight loss goals, you have 2 options if you want to lose weight while doing minimal cardio and one to jazz up your cardio workouts! I’ll explain those in a little while.

But first, let me explain something. The leanest people out there usually focus on training a fitness component called work capacity. In training terms, this can be described as a mix of cardio (moderate to high repetition, but low intensity) and weight training (usually high intensity but low repetition). By combining these aspects you create a workout that’s moderately high in both intensity and repetition, hitting the proverbial sweet spot for workouts.

The options below give you practical ways to train your work capacity.

Your 3 Non Cardio Options

Don’t do any cardio.

You can still have a healthy cardio vascular system (which is made up of the heart and connecting veins and arteries) by just weight training. You do this by using a slightly lower weight than you would usually use for weights, but doing more reps and sets.

You can also use super sets and tri-sets. A superset is when two exercises are done back to back before you take a break. A tri-set is the same but with 3 exercises. These slight tweaks will increase your heart rate more than a single set of an exercise, where a break is taking after every set of a single exercise.

For sure, you’d get better improvemnts in heart efficiency doing traditional carido (long slow runs/cycles etc.), but you wouldn’t be reading this article if you didn’t want an alternative! And by lifting weight in the way I’ve described above, your heart rate can go above 100bpm and stay there. It’s definitely a better workout for your heart than sitting on your A-double-snakes all day!

Do HIT/Circuit Training –

With this option, you’ll be doing body-weight type exercises, or weight training exercises using even lighter weights, one after the other. You’ll want to keep rest time between exercises short (0-30s), and as many exercises as you can handle. It’s best to alternate between lower body, upper body and core exercises so that you can work for longer as each body part gets a chance to recover.

It’s really important to keep intensity high. If the intensity is meh, then it’s not a HIT (High Intensity Tranining). If you can train for longer than 20 minutes, and don’t feel absolutely wrecked the next day, it’s proabably a bit too easy!

HIT  – Sample Protocol

  • 4 exercises – 1 Lower Body (Squats) , 1 Upper Body Push (Push Ups), 1 Upper Body Pull (Renegade Rows), 1 Core (Bicycle Crunches)
  • Work to Rest Ratio of 40:20 – Do each exercise for 40s, take 20s to rest, then move onto the next exercise.
  • Do 5 rounds altogether – 20 mins total workout time.

Interval training

Strictly, this is still cardio, but it’s more akin to HIT training. Take running for example. You can do a long slow run at a steady pace for 5k. Or you can run that same distance and break it up into 10 x 500m runs that might each take you 3 minutes to do, while giving yoursel a 2 minute rest inbetween each run. Even though you’ve run the same distance, the training effect is different because you exposed your body to higher intensities.

The intervals breaks up the distance into smaller chunks. How do you eat an elephant? ???? One bite at a time. For me, it’s easier to do long distances in small intervals. Keep in mind that it’ll probably take you longer to do intervals that total 5k than just doing a steady paced run. It might be wise to start with slightly less as you get accustomed to interval training.

One Last alternative

I always suggest focusing on your strengths first, not your weaknesses. But for those who want to take on the beast that is cardio, while being mediocre at best, this next point is for you!

There comes a point where if you have been lifting weights, and doing minimal cardio your fitness will stall. You find that your plateauing. You haven’t really felt a good workout for a little while. Your joints are aching. Your finding it harder to manage your weight. This is when tackling your hatred for cardio can make sense.

And the truth is that…

You probably hate cardio because you suck at it.

So the first step is to introduce a tiny bit of cardio in each sessions, while still doing the workouts that you excel at and feel confident doing. You can add 10 minute uphill walk on the treadmill as a warm-up or cool down. You can run a mile (which probably won’t take more than 15 minutes). You can go for a walk on the weekend and explore you city. The most important thing is to do things that feel easy!

Have fun with the options above. If you’d like help with creating your own HIT programme
contact us and we’ll happily answer questions you have!

How Many Times a Week Do I Need to Work Out?

I’m very sorry.

You thought you were going to get a simple answer. But anytime we address different individuals, with different goals, the answer is always… da-da-da-da ????

…It depends!!

But I didn’t want to leave you out on a limb, so I’ve got some great guidelines that can help you maximise your potential. I’ll be the Alfred to your Bruce Wayne!


Starting Point

Here are 2 great questions to ask yourself when figuring out how many times to workout.

  1. What are you trying to achieve?

  2. Are you achieving it?

Let’s answer these questions in relation to weight loss!

Workout Frequency for Weight Loss

Focus on trends, not one off events

For question #1 – make sure you know exactly what you’re goal is. It could be weight loss for a social event, weight loss for improved self-esteem,  or even improving muscle mass to help long terms weight loss.

For question #2 – if you are achieving all that you want, then keep doing it! If not then you have to think about what changes you can make to improve your weight.

N.B. – Focus on the trend not the amount. If you’ve lost some weight, but not as much as you want, don’t increase frequency, not just yet. Steady trends are better than sharp increases/decreases, because these types of sudden changes are usually accompanied by sharper negative changes.

Changes to workouts to help weight loss

  1. Increase frequency – you can increase workouts to burn a few more calories. You could increase the duration of workouts, but after an hour in the gym the stress hormone (cortisol)  start to rise. And that’s bad for weight loss. Just adding an extra sessions is usually a better choice.
  2. Change the workout type – you can make the workouts more intense. This can be done by incorporating interval type cardio or HIT training. Or, you can even add some weights to give your body a different stimulus to kickstart weight loss.

Just keep in my mind – you can lose weight with training once a week, or not at all! That’s why it’s so important to have your dietary habits on top form. If not, you’ll probably negate any of the changes you make.

One more thing…

Always strive for better –  Workouts that will help you lose weight are usually whole body workouts, but more importantly you need to be striving to improve an aspect of the workout every time you walk into the gym! This pushes your body to the limit, giving it a reason to adapt and become better!

Not sure what type of goals to set yourself to push your limits.
Check out this VideoScribe to find out how Dingis Fitness can help!