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Last week I wrote about Animal Flow and how I use different training styles to spice up my routine. Calisthenics is another way I could add a little salt and pepper to my workouts!

Calisthenics is a whole school of movement, but the best way I can describe it is a simplified version of gymnastic. You know, like how dogs are simplified easier version of children. Or maybe that’s more advanced: it just depends on the day!

Exercises that are part of calisthenics include handstands, muscles ups, dips, front and back levers . I’ve included a video of me doing a pistol squat, my first ever muscle up and an exercise called skin the cat (I have no idea why it’s called that still!)

Dingis Fitness – Personal Trainer in Bath

I’ve been working on a few different exercises for a little while. Check out some of my favourite calisthenic exercises that I’ve achieved!

Skin The Cat

  • This exercise is great for improving shoulder mobility and strength.
  • There is a surprising amount of control needed from lats and chest. (Active hangs are a great way to get a feel for this!)
  • You probably need to be able to do a full pull up and push up before attempting this move!
  • If you’re starting out, just try to get your feet to the bar and down, in a controlled way. That will give you confidence to go for the full movement!

Muscles Ups

  • A lot harder than just pull ups. It’s like a pull up straight into a front dip.
  • The elbow position is very important. As you transition from the pull up phase to the front dip, you need to get your elbows above your wrists as quick as possible.
  • Before attempting, make sure you can do 5 clean pull ups and 5 full body parallel dips. That isn’t a definite requirement, but gives you the confidence to control your body.

Pistols Squats

  • Great for challenging your single leg strength and stability.
  • It also requires great knee and ankle mobility and strength. Great way to bullet proof those legs from injury.
  • You can use steps/benches to do single leg squats. This will get you familiar with the movement. As you get more confident, you can simple use fewer steps so you are lowering yourself slightly lower each time.

Extra Resources

If you’d like to learn more about calisthenics, the links below are a great start!

Check out this website to learn more (Great for beginners!)

Check out these guys on Facebook

Want to learn any of these exercises, and even more? Train with Dingis Fitness to start your calisthenics journey. We specialise in getting beginners comfortable with the exercises, and teaching you how to advance your skills, on your own schedule!

Interested. contact us now to get skinning and pistolling!

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