Create Your Own HIIT Workout for Weight Loss

HIIT (high intensity interval training) workouts are cool and trendy. But also very useful, especially if you are short on time. And even if you have an hour to workout, it’s a great way to finish a workout to make sure you’ll leave in a slight glow of sweat!

But where do you start? Well.. right here, right now!

How to Create Your Workout

By the end of this blog post, you’ll have created a balanced workout with 4 exercises that hits your whole body, with workout format that is challenging, not debilitating.

The exercises have been split into 4 categories (Upper Body Push, Upper Body Pull, Lower body (legs) and Core). Each category has 5 levels of exercises. These aren’t strict levels, they’re just there to give you an idea of where to start. If you’re unsure where to start, begin with lower levelled exercises, and work your way up the levels.

  • Level 1- Complete Beginner (you just learnt what HITT was yesterday!)
  • Level 5 –  Ridiculously Fit (so fit everyone hates and envies you!)

Just two easy steps

  1. Choose the right HIIT format.
  2. Choose the exercises that can do from each of the 4 categories.

Any more questions, then check out the FAQ questions at the bottom! And check out our example workout while you’re down there!

HIIT Format

HIIT workouts are usually between 10-20 minutes. An important part of the HIIT workout is the work to rest ratio (i.e how long you are working out for compared to how much rest you have). For example, a ratio of 40:20 means doing an exercise for 40 seconds and then resting for 20 seconds before moving onto the next exercise. I like to use minute intervals, as this keeps it simple. But if you’d like a little variation, you can change the amount of work and rest you have for each exercise.

Below are 3 formats to use. Don’t spend to long choosing one. You should be able to choose your format and exercises all within 10 minutes. (There is an example workout at the bottom of the page to help make it clearer what to do!)

Each format has the work to rest ratio, and how many sets you should do. Each one will take exactly 16 minutes to do. Any interval timer of the Android Play store or Apple’s AppStore should do the trick.

  1. Beginner – 30s:30s – 4 Sets
  2. Intermediate – 40s:20s –  4 sets
  3. Advanced – 55s:5s – 4 sets

HIT Exercises

Upper Body Pull

  • Level 1 – Bicep Curls
  • Level 2 – Upright Rows
  • Level 3 – Dumbbell Rows
  • Level 4 – Inverted Rows
  • Level 5 – Pull Ups

Upper Body Push

  • Level 1 – Tricep Kickbacks
  • Level 2 – Bench Dips
  • Level 3 – Push-ups to Pike
  • Level 4 – Push-ups
  • Level 5 – Burpees

Lower Body Exercises

  • Level 1 – Squats
  • Level 2 – Dynamic Side Lunges
  • Level 3 – Squats Jumps
  • Level 4 – Jumping Lunges
  • Level 5 – Single Leg Squats

Core Exercises

  • Level 1 – Crunches
  • Level 2 – Bicycle Crunches
  • Level 3 – Planks
  • Level 4 – Reach and Crunch
  • Level 5 – Hanging Leg Raises

Example HIIT Workout

1. Squat Jumps 2. Bench Dips 3. Upright Rows 4. Reach and Crunch.

I choose the 2nd HIIT workout format from above (40s:20s for 4 sets).

  • I start with the squats jumps, doing them for 40s, then rest for 20s
  • I move on to the next exercise, the bench dips, and do the same thing (work for 40s and rest 20s)
  • I do the same with the last two exercises to complete the set.
  • There is no additional rest between the sets, so from the last of the 4 exercises (reach and crunch), go back and start again (with the squat jumps.).
  • Complete 4 sets.
  • You have just done a HIIT workout. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Will I need weights?

No, but some exercises do need a external resistance, so you’ll have a more exercise choice with them.

How do I make the workout harder?

If it’s too easy, choose a highly level exercise, add a set, or choose a more difficult workout format.

How Many Times a week?

As many as you want. If it’s the only exercise you do each week, at least 3 times a week. You can do them everyday, just be careful to manage your recovery.

If you are adding it to your existing weekly routine, add one workout first and see how your body responds, and then work from there!

If you have any other questions email, and I’ll happily answer them for you

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