Free Personal Training Vouchers in Bath

Dingis Fitness is determined to make fitness accessible to everyone in Bath.
So we'll be offering a smorgasbord of free personal training sessions!

Check out some of the sessions we offer below. We're still adding lots of other free sessions. These sessions will range from using foam rolling to ease aching muscles, to using exercise to improve your mental health and everything inbetween!

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More Sessions Coming Soon!

Hey Good Lookin', What You Got Cookin'?

Well, at the moment we have a post-natal and post physio - stretch and strengthen sessions available (scroll up to find out more). But we want to take over the fitness world (in Bath) with our Free Fitness Sessions so we'll be adding a slew of sessoins over the next coming year. These will (probably) include:

  • Undieting (How to recover after years of bad diets).
  • How to lose weight simply by changing your habits.
  • How to use a foam roller to massage yourself.
  • How to actually use your fitbit!
  • And more!

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