Holly’s Testimonial – Personal Training in Bath

This is Holly. She can do 5 pull ups. A 100kg Squats. A 100kg deadlift.

She feels like a superhero!

Check out her review below. If your goal is to scare the men at your gym with your raw power, then you’re in the right place!





What made Holly get a personal trainer?
She said she was simply bored of her own training and wanted some new ideas!

How did she learn about Dingis Fitness?
Holly learnt about Dingis Fitness from a recommendation from Phase One Gym.

How did Dingis Fitness help Holly?
We just focused on exploring her physical limits. Whether it was weights, cardio, fitness or balance, we were always trying new things. We played with everything and made sure every session there was a focus, but that she would also leave with a smile at the end of each session!

What specific things did Dingis Fitness help Holly achieve?
Holly can now do 5 pull-ups, 100kg squat and deadlift, and a pistol squat. Holly has achieved a lot!! 

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