Ready To Lose Weight?

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LAUNCH - Weight Loss Programme

This Simple Fitness programme removes the guesswork for those who want to change immediately.
"LAUNCH" Your Weight Loss Journey Now!

Weight Loss isn't Rocket Science!

  • I was keen to lose the weight I’d put on in pregnancy…
    y fitness levels have improved and I’ve lost a stone!

    – Summer

  • “Malachi helped me reach my goals ready for my wedding.
    His collaborative approach and continuous encouragement
    make work-outs fun and rewarding.”

    – Ashlea

  • “He pays careful attention to the needs of his clents and tailor specific training programmes for them. His approach of gentle but steady push yields great results.”

    – Ashok

Losing Weight is as Simple as 1, 2, 3!


"I gained weight and was having sleep disorders. I had a very little idea about how to resolve the problems ... but the options were well explained to me which made it easy for me to choose.

As the programmes are adapted to individuals' problems and needs, everyone can benefit!"

Have you tried to lose weight before?

This programme is the kickstart YOU need  - Apply now using the button at the top of your screen!

There's No Need to Keep Guessing How to Lose Weight!

Try Google-ing "how to lose weight", and you'll realise you never stood a chance. You're bored of the advice you get from well meaning friends and family because it was too confusing. And STILL, nothing is working.

This is a programme that will be easy to implement straightaway, so that you see results immediately. You'll catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and before you know it you'll be checking yourself out!

If Weight Loss is Priority...

...then this is the programme for you. Whether you need to lose weight for a holiday by the sea, for your upcoming perfect wedding, or you're just tired making no meaningful progress, you can make a change right now!


What is most important thing that has led to a positive experience with Dingis Fitness?


Malachi is passionate about helping you to achieve your goals! He is fun, kind and nonjudgmental, he makes you feel completely at ease. He takes the time to plan out a routine especially suited to your needs and really encourages you to reach your potential. I have surprised myself in what I have been able to achieve, I've lost a stone in 2 months and my fitness levels have improved a lot, I'm so pleased with how far I've come. I would't have been able to achieve this without Malachi's expertise and encouragement! I highly recommend him, he is an amazing fitness instructor!  

What's In the LAUNCH Weight Loss Programme?

  • Lose Weight Now.

    A programme devoted to motivating you,
    and getting the results you deserve!

  • Simple Diet Plans

    We’ll provide plans that are easy to implement, without having to count calories.

  • High Intensity Workouts.

    Don’t worry, they’ll challenge you, but you’ll still be able to get up those stairs!


Also Included in Your Launch Programme;

  • Learn How To Write Your Own Motivation Mantra - to help you stay motivated throughout your weight loss journey.
  • Free fridge magnet with diet habits to focus on - help you remember what to eat to lose weight.
  • Video by Dingis Fitness showing you how to defeat hunger and control your cravings!

Are You Ready For Change?

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To uphold the best standard for every client we train, there are only 3 spaces available each quarter.
So act now if you'd like to lose weight!