How Many Times a Week Do I Need to Work Out?

I’m very sorry.

You thought you were going to get a simple answer. But anytime we address different individuals, with different goals, the answer is always… da-da-da-da ????

…It depends!!

But I didn’t want to leave you out on a limb, so I’ve got some great guidelines that can help you maximise your potential. I’ll be the Alfred to your Bruce Wayne!


Starting Point

Here are 2 great questions to ask yourself when figuring out how many times to workout.

  1. What are you trying to achieve?

  2. Are you achieving it?

Let’s answer these questions in relation to weight loss!

Workout Frequency for Weight Loss

Focus on trends, not one off events

For question #1 – make sure you know exactly what you’re goal is. It could be weight loss for a social event, weight loss for improved self-esteem,  or even improving muscle mass to help long terms weight loss.

For question #2 – if you are achieving all that you want, then keep doing it! If not then you have to think about what changes you can make to improve your weight.

N.B. – Focus on the trend not the amount. If you’ve lost some weight, but not as much as you want, don’t increase frequency, not just yet. Steady trends are better than sharp increases/decreases, because these types of sudden changes are usually accompanied by sharper negative changes.

Changes to workouts to help weight loss

  1. Increase frequency – you can increase workouts to burn a few more calories. You could increase the duration of workouts, but after an hour in the gym the stress hormone (cortisol)  start to rise. And that’s bad for weight loss. Just adding an extra sessions is usually a better choice.
  2. Change the workout type – you can make the workouts more intense. This can be done by incorporating interval type cardio or HIT training. Or, you can even add some weights to give your body a different stimulus to kickstart weight loss.

Just keep in my mind – you can lose weight with training once a week, or not at all! That’s why it’s so important to have your dietary habits on top form. If not, you’ll probably negate any of the changes you make.

One more thing…

Always strive for better –  Workouts that will help you lose weight are usually whole body workouts, but more importantly you need to be striving to improve an aspect of the workout every time you walk into the gym! This pushes your body to the limit, giving it a reason to adapt and become better!

Not sure what type of goals to set yourself to push your limits.
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