Pre/Post Natal Fitness Training

After the wonder (and terror!) of birth, you're trying to get back some of what you've lost. Your shape, your strength, your energy. This is exactly when you need safe, friendly training to get you back into those jeans!

Pre/Post Natal Fitness Training

Giving birth is such an amazing experience. Having had another addition to the family, I have been jolted into remembering how we as parents work hard to give the best to our little ones and little-ones-to-be. Having a child is an experience I am very thankful to have been a part of.

However, it's at this time that women start to realise that they need to take care of themselves. Also at this time, you learn how important diet and exercise become to your well-being. There is so much pressure from the world of fitness and celebrity magazines to lose the "baby weight" as soon as possible. We DO NOT want that. This fixation on the weight is not healthy. We want you to be in the best possible shape for motherhood.

"We want you to be the strongest and most mobile version of you."

Our Pre-Post Natal sessions are designed to help increase your self awareness and confidence. However, unlike simply doing yoga or Pilates, there will be a focus on functional exercises, and not just poses. These exercises will help you deal with running back and forth, up and down and sleepless nights as try to keep up with the newest family addition!

Before starting with us, we will carry out fitness assessments and note medical details that may be useful for us in creating your tailor-made programme. With Dingis Fitness your health and safety is always first. We will continue to take assessments and ask questions to make sure we keep on top of any changes, keeping your sessions safe, useful and enjoyable.

Malachi is an member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS). He also holds a REPS qualification in Pre and Post Natal Exercise Prescription.

Why This Package?

Pre-natal sessions will get you ready for the physical challenges of labour, increasing your confidence for the big day!

  • Practice breathing techniques  and labour positions

  • Increase everyday strength & mobility

  • Improve circulation and combat swelling

Post-natal sessions will help ease your body back into fitness and demands of your new life with a steady, progressive programme.

  • Build up confidence and energy

  • Get to grips with pelvic floor exercises

  • Have fun rediscovering your favourite jeans!