Short Term vs Long Term Weight Loss

Did you know that 95% of people who lose weight put it back on within a year? A year! That’s because they’ve read lots of articles on the internet that promise crazy amounts of weight loss in a stupendously short amount of time. And a lot of that has to do with our need to focus on short term fixes.

Think about it: if you lose weight in 3 months and get in the best shape of your life for a further month. But then a month later, you’re back to square one, because your approach had created unsustainable diet habits.

Was it a success? Only you can answer that. If the answer is yes, and that is all you wanted, then you would call that success. I totally get it, I’m not here to judge. Quick and fast feels good (honestly – if I could make a million pounds right now without hurting anyone, I would!)

But that’s not my definition of success. I’m a sucker for the slow and steady, because I don’t kill myself in the meantime, and learn so much. Anything that I have achieved so far in my 28 years that I am really proud of, has taken sustained effort. Sometimes these great achievements start with a bang, and sometime it’s a boring start. But the achievements always happen because I followed up with consistent application.

Weight Loss Habits – Short Term vs Long Term

Below is a short list of 5 differences between quick fixes and long term weight management. You can start to change your mindset now, so that you start to thing about your health in years, not just months. This way, weight loss becomes an experiment that is fun, and an exercise in learning about yourself!

Check out the video below, and the rest of the blog post below that!

1. Fad Diets vs Daily Food Habits

One will restrict your eating, making you lose unsustainable amount of weight, till you revolt and eat obscene amounts of food, knocking you further back than you ever were.

The other one will cost less, feel automatic, improve your overall health and well-being,

2. Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset/

One will make you think it’s all about talent, and that you’re just big-boned.

The other one means that you know you can get to a healthy weight, as long as you keep improving your nutrition and moving more.

3. Hate Exercising vs Love movement

One means you feel guilty whenever you drive past the gym.

The other means you try a handstand at a party (because you still go to those!), fall on your face and laugh knowing that one day you’ll get it!

4. Focus on Quantum leaps vs Looking at small achievable goals to gain momentum

One makes you believe you can reverse 20 years of bad eating and couch potato-ness, with a 30-day challenge.

The other means you approach long term weight loss like you would if you had to eat a whole elephant in 24 hours; one small chunk at a time!

5. Listen to everyone else vs Listen to your body

One means every time a new diets comes out, or a friend recommends a new “fitness tea”, you don’t take your own experiences, or common sense, into account.

The other means you know your body doesn’t mind gluten, and that eating carbs in the evening doesn’t make you fat!

LAUNCH Weight Loss Programme – The Complete Weight Loss Programme

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