Summer’s Testimonial – Weight Loss in Training Bath

This is Summer (pseudonym) . She was looking for help after having a baby. Even though she was tired and hanging on for dear life (limited sleep will do that to you!), she was able to lose weight, and get into a habit of running 3 times a week. She is soooooo proud of what she has accomplished.

She felt like a superhero!

Check out her testimonial below, and find out why Dingis Fitness is perfect for you and your weight loss goals!

Summer Davidson

Age/Age Range:

What 3 words would friends use to describe you?
Kind, nuts!! thoughtful

What made you get a personal trainer?
I was keen to lose the weight I’d put on in pregnancy.

How did you learn about Dingis Fitness?

In general, what attracted you to Dingis Fitness?
I liked the way you wrote on your website, you looked like a friendly chap! And had good qualifications! 

What problem has Dingis Fitness help you tackle?
You’ve helped me to rebuild my fitness levels and to lose weight

How did Dingis Fitness help with that?
We looked at my diet and changed it where appropriate, we devised weekly stretches, walking distance and now running!

What specific things have you achieved?
My fitness levels have improved and I’ve lost a stone!

What type of people are Dingis Fitness perfect for? Ummm!

What is most important thing that has led to a positive experience with Dingis Fitness?


Malachi is passionate about helping you to achieve your goals! He is fun, kind and non-judgmental, he makes you feel completely at ease. He takes the time to plan out a routine especially suited to your needs and really encourages you to reach your potential. I have surprised myself in what I have been able to achieve, I’ve lost a stone in 2 months and my fitness levels have improved a lot, I’m so pleased with how far I’ve come. I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without Malachi’s expertise and encouragement! I highly recommend him, he is an amazing fitness instructor!  

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