Animal Flow – Personal Trainer Bath

I first found Animal Flow when I got bored of weight training and wanted to have a bit more fun with my training. Along with Gold Model Bodies, Animal Flow introduced me to the idea that fitness can be focused on play and movement, not muscle building or weight loss. In other words, a soft focus on what all bodies were meant to do, and not on how some bodies were meant to look!

I’ve included videos of some of the exercises included in the Animal Flow system. If you’d like to get a good feel of Animal Flow, skip straight to the videos. If you’re not sure why you would want to even include it, then read on!

But why should you care?

The movements included in Animal Flow and other movement based systems are there to challenge your strength at your extremities. They teach you to move your own body rather than moving an external load.

3 Reasons to Do Animal Flow

It’s Just So Much Fun

Sometimes, just moving for the sake of it is great. All animals play to learn skills, engage their mind and their bodies. And as kids this is what we live for every day. Then we grow up, but also grow sad, stressed, inactive and unhealthy. Sounds dramatic, but play has been scientifically proven to significantly affect our happiness, mood and health! Don’t believe me, check out the articles below!

Making fitness fun is half the battle in making it a habit. You’ll actually choose to do it, rather than feeling bad for not doing.

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Aging Gracefully

Animal Flow is great for people who want stay active and physically resilient as they get older, without being too strenuous. Think of it as dynamic Pilates!

With a lot of people, movement deteriorates rapidly because we move less and less. We do lose muscle naturally as we get older, which can affect our movement. But daily movement and mobility can really improve the lives off anyone advancing in age, or even those youths staring at their phones all day!

Rehab/Pre-hab Mobility Work

By taking your body to the limits of movement, and asking it to apply strength and control there, you can make sure you’re re-gaining/maintaining optimal movement. This is because your body gets better at coordinating your limbs, addressing muscle imbalances and working through larger ranges of movement with control with movement systems like Animal Flow.

Dingis Fitness Doing Animal Flow

The movements are below deceptively hard, but should give you a taste of Animal Flow. I’ve also included a video by the Creator, Mike Fitch, doing a beautiful flow. It’s a must see!

Beast Crawls (with a dumbbell on my back!)

Side Kick-through

Very Simple Animal Flow

Beautiful Animal Flow Sequence

Would you like to train with Dingis Fitness, learning how to move better?

Or just learn some of the moves you’ve seen in the videos above?

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