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We truly believe that fitness should be inspirational not intimidating. That's why we have created a voucher that when a loved one opens it up, they'll be pleasantly surprised. Hopefully you'll also get a beaming smile as they discover their surprise treat!

Even the compliment slip, which allows you to write a personal message to the the receiver, carries the quote -

You're Awesome. We want to make you Awesome-er!

Our vouchers have been created in collaboration with a Bath local Designer, Sarah Hawkins, and printed on thick luxury paper, with a silk or soft finish.

These vouchers make a great present for someone who might be scared of the gym, not sure what to do to get fit, or those looking for a gentle but firm kick up the backside!

See what you get for your money in the "What's Included" section below.

What's Included?

  • Voucher

    Vibrant vouchers printed on thick luxury paper with a beautiful soft/silk finish.

  • Thank You Card

    A lovely thank you card, to you the buyer, with 20% OFF personal training services from Dingis Fitness.


  • Voucher Envelope

    A Dingis Fitness designed envelope that compliments the voucher.

  • Envelope Seal

    A cute mini-sticker with the Dingis Fitness logo.

  • Compliment Slip

    A blank compliment slip on which you can write a personal message to your loved one.

Your Voucher Options

Personal Training Vouchers

Choose from 4, 8 or 12 sessions starting from £150.

The possibilities are endless with our Personal Training sessions: from weight loss to Boxercise, from Pilates to High Intensity Training.

4 Week Fitness Boost

8 Sessions over 4 weeks for just £200!

This is perfect for those wanting to lose weight, and need motivation right now! With a perfected diet plan and fitness programme, you'll gain the momentum to make lasting changes.

Mini Fitness Boost - Just £100.

3 sessions (Assessment, Diet and Exercise). One session to pinpoint where you are now, and two sessions to create individualised plans to get you where you want to be. Just the shot of adrenaline your fitness plans needed!

Reminder service? What is that!?

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    Write down the event date (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Birthday etc.). This is the date you will be giving the recipient the voucher. (Your reminder text/email will be sent 4 weeks before your event date).

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    Choose Voucher

    Let us know what vouchers you're interested in purchasing.

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    You're done. Have a cup of tea (which is still piping hot, as the process was so easy!)

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    Due Date

    Four weeks before the event date you've provided for us, we'll send you a text and email to gently remind you to purchase our vouchers, if you would still like to. If we haven't received confirmation of the messages we've sent, we'll call you just to make sure you're still alive!
    We will only send you one email and one text. Every message sent will be regarding your interest in our vouchers. No spammy sales messages from us!

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