Before you go making any decisions on hiring a personal trainer, I thought it'd be good if we just got to know one another...

"Hello! I'm Malachi Dingis and I'd love to be your new Personal trainer."

How I Can Help You

I want to give you the tools to conquer your fear of going to the gym, change your eating habits and learn to de-stress effectively, all to allow you to live your life to the fullest.

I honestly believe that something you don't enjoy is something not really worth doing at all. This comes across in the way that I run sessions - its all about being progressively challenged, staying focused on our goals, but always keeping a fun element in our sessions together.

Come enjoy the process. Come enjoy the journey. Too many times fitness is about short-term results at all costs. I want to make lasting changes for you! I'm here to teach, not just to instruct you.

I have worked with a range of clients from ladies who want to improve general fitness and confidence, to 70 year old gym novices trying to improve their blood pressure! As long as you are committed to getting healthy, while having fun on the way, we will be a great fit!


  • Insurance - Insured by REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals) for Public Liability.
  • Pre/Post Natal Exercise Prescription Certification - This means I can deliver safe and effective programme for women who are about to give birth, or
  • Personal Trainer Level 2 and 3 REPS Accredited -This allows me to deliver one-one. sessions.
  • BSc Sports and Exercise Science Degree - Not needed to become a personal trainer, but immensely useful in my ability to explain my fitness science.

About You

Fitness Goals Out of Reach?

You are probably not satisfied with your health at the moment. But you're on this page, and that means that you are on the right path. Maybe you're someone who has never set foot in the gym, and is scared at the thought of being a beginner.

Looking to be healthy. Not Hulk?

You've seen bodybuilding magazines plastered with posers who have muscles you didn't know existed. You don't want that. You just want to feel just a little better. Healthy enough to love life. To be a little bit less stressed with your kids. To have a little more energy at work. To be able to do gardening without any back pain.

Enjoy Fitness with Dingis!

Dingis Fitness is here to support in you in this life-changing moment. We get it. You see exercise as something to loathe. As a chore. But I'm here to let you know that exercise is the most sociable, invigorating and life changing decision you can make today.

Looking for injury rehab? Muscle Gaining? Or just want to improve your fitness? Then check out our Standard Personal Training Services.

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