Why Get a Personal Trainer? – To Push Past Your Limits.


When I tell people I’m a personal trainer, I’m met with quizzical and confused looks.

I guess the bemused faces are asking “What does a personal trainer actually do?”

And more importantly…

How can a personal trainer actually help ME?

Well….watch the video below to find out why personal trainer can be useful! (Or read on below.)



“Oooff, that’s heavy, I won’t be able to lift that!

Clients are always convinced that I’m asking too much from them, but then surprise themselves by lifting it with ease (and a little shriek!).

The video above explains 2 different limits – “perceived limits” and “true limits”

If you imagine your “perceived limit” as the planet earth. It’s boring, it’s surface is covered in lots of water, and those pesky laws of physics apply. Nothing much happens here. This is where half-assed workouts end up!

Now imagine your “true limit” is like the wardrobe that leads you to Narnia. Here, there are faun galavanting around, talking lions and all the turkish delight you like (or hate!).

The questions is, do your want a half-ass workout of boring earth stuff (taxes, death, Kardashians)

Or do you want a kick-ass workout with talking lions and unlimited Turkish delight?

Want a kick-ass workout, that takes you to the world of Narnia?
Visit our CONTACT page, and we’ll show you our secret entrance!

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