10 Unexpected Changes After Weight Loss.

I was having a gander on the internet, reading about different fitness experiences and I stumbled upon Reddit. It was great to check it out and see what people think when it comes of fitness, health and weight loss, with ABSOLUTELY no filter!

Reading reddit comments like…

The list below is of unexpected changes after weight loss. I’ve handpicked the best changes from a Reddit thread I found interesting (link below). I thought it’d be interesting to see what things can change when you lose a significant amount of weight, so we get the full picture of weight loss. For these people, losing weight was absolutely worth it!

Reddit Thread ->https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/305snm/formerly_obese_redditors_what_was_the_most/)


The List

Ch-che-che checking me out!


  1. Checking yourself out in the mirror – rather than being upset, shy or disgusted at the sight of yourself. That’s a win in anyones book. ⬆️
  2. Getting drunk takes fewer drinks to get drunk easier – so that’s cheap dates all round. What’s not too like!
  3. Not overheating in the summer – conversely, that does mean you can feel a little chillier in the winter! ????
  4. More energy – for one thing, you’re carrying less weight around. Try carrying a 10kg weight in your rucksack and you’ll get a good idea of why you might have more energy.
  5. Less chafing – so clothes last longer. (Note: This also happens to people who aren’t overweight).
  6. Improvements in digestion – this might be more to do with diet than fat loss.
  7. Receive more attention from everyone – though one guy remarked that it was either older woman or other men. Never women his own age. Advance with caution.
  8. Bruise less – I honestly have no idea why this is a thing!
  9. Change in response to stress – you teach your body to response to less calories and exercise, so stress in general (less cortisol in body.
  10. Better skin and hair – less oily and stronger hair. Better absorption of nutrients? Maybe result of better diet.

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