6 Helpful Reasons to Get a Personal Trainer You Hadn’t Considered!

If you’ve ever thought, “What the hell does a personal trainer actually do?”, you’re not alone.

So what does a personal trainer actually do? Get people fitter and healthier. Quicker (I hope!).

But what does healthy and fit look like to you? What does it look like to people who have enlisted the help of a personal trainer? Sometimes, we need a little more specificity than generic fitness advice.
Well… look no further. Below are actual reasons people have trained with Dingis Fitness.

1. Just want to punch stuff/stress release. ????

If there ever was a magic pill for health, exercise would be it. Exercise is great way to improve your body’s response to stress. At Dingis Fitness, we’ve found that the opportunity to throw punches at a guy is just too good to pass up!

What Happens in these Sessions?
Usually, at the start of a session I give clients the opportunity to verbally unload the crap of life. This improves the quality of each of our sessions because any issues the client is facing doesn’t intefere with the session. Our clients don’t feel like they have to pretend that everything is OK. They can just be.
The sessions usually end on some deep diaphragmatic breathing or some light stretching. This way, clients feel more relaxed leaving the session than when they first arrived.

2. Increase self-confidence (posture, self esteem, feeling strong, look sexy, etc.) ????

Sometimes improving self confidence is getting down to a weight they feel comfortable with, but other times it can be improving posture, feeling strong in their body or just looking sexy.

What Happens in these Sessions?
Strength is a big part of improving posture. Strength training with a focus on full range of movement helps to reinforce good movement patterns in the body. Plus, simply moving helps you feel more attuned to your body.

3. Travel and trekking… without getting tired. ✈

Walking is great, all the best creatives did it. It’s great for mental health. And it’s a great way to travel and see the world. But your fitness can sometimes be the limiting factor. Lets make sure it isn’t!

What Happens in these Sessions?
Walking takes a certain type of fitness that is focused on endurance, so cardio is  important part of your sessions, to make sure you’re heart can provide your body with oxygen for as long as it needs. Staying supple and strong will help keep you injury free as you tackle tough terrain, or when you decide to dance with a giraffe with two left feet!

4. Improve relationship with own body and food in general. ????

Improving your fitness is a great way of finding out what your body is good for. The human body is so amazing (including yours! ????). We were made to explore, and exploring what your body can do is a great way to improve self esteem and efficacy. Sometimes leanrning what your body can do, is better than improving how it looks.

What Happens in these Sessions?
The exercise approach or selection doesn’t change much, but what we talk about will. The most important thing to tackle is your self-talk i.e. the conversations you have with yourself, about yourself. Simply being aware is a great way to improve your relationship with yourself!

5. Learn a new skill. ????

There are so many ways to look at fitness. And one way is to look at it like a hobby. Something that gives you a break from a demanding job or relationships. And there are so many things to learn – from squatting your own bodyweight to learning how to skin the cat (actual exercise name!), you can’t get bored.

What Happens in these Sessions?
When trying to learn a new skill, its important to have one bigger goal that you can break into smaller ones. For example, for a handstand, having good core strength is important, so learning to plank correctly can help you get there faster. This way, the planking is not just an awful exercise you hate, but a tough exercise bringing you closer to your goal!

6. The opportunity for Small Wins – ????

The gym is like corollary of life, but is much simpler. This means that it’s easier to develop great characteristics like discpline and focus in a simpler and easier setting (gym, or wherever you train) and the apply that to your life. This is because fitneess goals are simple to create, and simpler to hit. And that’s progress. What’s life without progress?

What Happens in these Sessions?
With clients who have never been successful, especially in a fitness setting, it’s important to set little goals that take a week, maybe a month tops to achieve. It can be hard to gauage this. Sometimes the goals are too hard and disheartening. Other times the goals are too easy and boring. But on occasions, like Goldilocks, we find one that’s just right! This balancing act can be hard, but with more experience it becomes easier.

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