Free Post-Natal Recovery Session

 Learn how practice your pelvic floor muscles exercises, strengthen your core with exercises for post-natal women and ease your back pain.
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Who are these sessions for?

  • Post-natal women who are low in confidence as their body tries to re-adjust after birth.
  • Women who find getting up of the floor a whole lot harder after giving birth.
  • Those who hoped the back pain would have subsided, but is making motherhood difficult.
  • Women who wants to go out and exercise, but are worried about bladder control.

From my experience in training post-natal women, and having had two kids (well ... having been present while said kids were born!) I know that after giving birth, there are mixed feelings. You're so happy with your newborn, spending the first few days just bonding with this little ball of wonder. And yet, most women struggle with the impact birth has had on their body and your confidence.

Dingis Fitness is offering a free Post Natal session to help mums get back on their feet. We help by working on core strength to help get back to the party (or relaxed social gathering) that is life. These core strengthening exercises also help protect your back. We also simplify pelvic floor exercises by showing how and when to do them, and how to progress that past imagining yourself doing a number one or number two! ALL FOR FREE!

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