Fun Fitness Challenges

At one point or another I have tried to play the guitar, learn French, learn Spanish, learn chess, learn to swim, learn to write HTML and learn how to invest. I use to be someone who use to get distracted by trying to do lots of different things. I have tried to do A LOT of things.

However, I got into personal training because I realised I was really good at a few things; I was athletic, loved science and loved working with people.

There is still a part of me that just wants to learn everything. However, now I have a focus and an excuse to learn everything to do with fitness, health and movement.

So, for next few years, I will be undertaking different “fitness challenges” or projects. These will be things that interest me and will allow me to get a better understanding of a wider range of fitness, nutrition, movement, strength and other health components.

One of the biggest reason I like to learn new things all the time is because it keep me humble. Falling on your head after trying to launch yourself into a wall handstand is definitely brings you down to earth with a mahoosive bump! They also allow me to experience all training modalities and add to my repertoire so I can keep my training sessions interesting and engaging. It’s all about firsthand experience.

So What Are Your Challenges Going to Be

Anything and everything that interest me. Anything and everything that interests you.

  •  Swimming – In still don’t know how to swim
  • Handstand – I am working on this at the moment
  • Dead lift, bench, squats (The BIG 3 Lifts)
  • Fitness Photo Shoot  – Vanity, vanity. Everything is Vanity.
  • Kettlebell Movements
  • Running – 4 minute mile and half marathon
  • 30 pull-ups in one go
  • Pushups in 2 minutes
  • Broad jump (jumping very far), Depth jump (jumping very high)

Any more suggestions then leave them in the comments section below!

The first 3 I’m going to do are (drum roll please!)….

Photo Shoot

Goal – By the end of March I am going to have a little fitness photo shoot (think more fitness model rather that Brad Pitt in a perfume ad).

Why – I also want to show the difference between looking and feeling good and looking good but feeling awful, which most models feel like when they ready for a photo shoot.

This is what I look like at the moment.

Any excuse to get my top off.

Any excuse to get my top off.

I am also entering a competition on It’s a 12 week transformation challenge to see how well you have trained and eaten in that time.

Bench press

Goal -To be able to bench press over 120kg (1.5 times my Body weight). I can bench press about 105kg at the moment, which isn’t to shabby.


Why – I have never done much work with this exercise, even though it’s usually the first question a guy in a gym asks you  after you’ve told them you work out.


Goal – to hold a freestanding handstand for at least 10 seconds.

Why -doing it for 3 months already. And I think it will take another 6 months.  I am able to do a headstand and frog stand (doesn’t look very good though). Being able to do a handstand is a very good indication of good shoulder strength and mobility as well.

If you would like to join me on my journeys, make sure to join my Facebook Page to keep up to date with my journey and find out how I achieve my different goals.

If you do have challenges that you would like me to do then please let me know in the comments section below.

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