How to Give Personal Training Vouchers, Without Calling ’em Fat!


So how do you help someone get fitter, without laying down the gauntlet and turning Christmas into a wrestling match? I personally haven’t received a lot of gifts, so I don’t have any horror stories of my own. But from garish knitted sweaters to insulting diet books, there are always some bad gifts to be had.
(Hmmm… maybe my family’s allergy to gifts was a blessing in disguise!)

Gifts are quite cool. You get to spend a little time, money and effort to say something worthwhile: “I rate you!” or “I wouldn’t kick you out of bed for eating a packet of crisps“.

But what would you do if someone gave you, completely out of the blue, personal training vouchers?

Thank them? Punch them!? Kick them?!?

It’s not really the worst gift in the world, is it?! I mean, giving someone the opportunity to improve their health and all that jazz, that’s got to be good? I guess it all depends…

Fitness Vouchers Could Be an Idea…

They can give a friend or family member the kick up the back side they need, and help them make some great decisions about their life. But how do you give it to them and make them feel like they are loved rather than being judged as inadequate?

Here are 3 ways to make sure you’re making someone’s day, not ruining it!

• If the person is already fit, you probably don’t have much to worry about. They’ll probably be thankful. Hannah, one of my in-shape (and favourite) clients, thought that sounded about right. “I wouldn’t be offended if I received them as I’ve already had training sessions, and I’m quite confident with my fitness in general.”

Maybe give a gift that anyone wouldn’t mind having, or has novelty value. Something like a FitBit is intriguing and gadgety enough that you don’t really mind if you get one. And it might help you get fitter without you feeling like you’re being judged. A pair of running trainers is another gift that says “Look sexy and enjoy getting fit!”

Talk to them! Some relationships are strong enough that you can simply let them know you intend to help them get fitter. If they respond positively, you’re on to a winner. Just focus on what they might have said, not what you want them to do. Or maybe remind them if they expressed that they’d like to get fitter, so they know where you are coming from, making sure to include words of affirmation.

Either way, you can start to strengthen these relationships, by giving your loved ones gifts that they’ll love receiving, and also helping them create the lives they really want.

Why would you give a fitness gift in the first place?

Have you ever wondered why when you start exercising, you try to improve other things such as smoking habits, diet, hydration, caffeine addiction and such like? According to The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do, and How to Change, it’s because exercise is a keystone habit. By exercising, our outlook becomes more positive, allowing us to feel confident enough to change other areas. Keystone habits also include exercising, improving sleep and meditating.

How amazing! You could be changing someones life with just one voucher.


How can Dingis Fitness Help?

We want to inspire, not intimidate. Fitness shouldn’t be complicated. You should be able to take small steps towards your goal, in the simplest possible way. That’s what we want to do for you and your loved one.  We want you to be able to enjoy your own brand of fitness, whether you’re a beginner or a frustrated gym-goer.

  • We’ve created unexpectedly beautiful and vibrant vouchers,
  • Handmade special treat included in voucher,  for your loved one to enjoy the moment.
  • Even our compliment slips have a powerful positive message to the recipient;

You’re awesome. Let’s make you Awesome-er!


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