Free Post-Physio Session

 Worried about getting injured again? Do something about it!
Book now onto one of our free stretch and strengthen sessions.

Who are these sessions for?

  • Those who have been given an exercise sheet but know they won't do anything about it when the get home!
  • Anyone who cares more about having a healthy injury-free body rather than bulging biceps!
  • If you want to learn to stretch out and strengthen your joints to keep your body in good nick, then this is for you!

A physio has helped you to be move a little bit better. Maybe it took one session. But most likely it took a few sessions of hard work form you and your physio to get you to move pain-free again.

Now you've been given a sheet of exercises and not sure what to do with it!

I'd love to help you move a lot better, and kick pain in the proverbial shins.  We're'offering a free session to give you the space and time to stretch, foam roll and strengthen those joints so that you can move better and feel better, as you make purposed changes to improve your quality of life.

Hopefully, the next time you go to kick a ball, or go for a run, you'll be able to trust your body to keep up with the kids!
Fill out the form below to book your session, and we'll get back to you within 48hrs.