What Personal Trainers Know About Enjoying Fitness That You Don’t

Have ever been angry when you see a personal trainer and think to yourself, “Yeah, it’s easy for them to stay fit when they live in the gym!” Well I have, and I’m a personal trainer.

The thing is, it’s sooooo true. I doubt I would look the way I do now if I wasn’t a personal trainer.

But there is a little more to the story. And more importantly, there are things you can learn from personal trainers that can be applied to your busy life.

So below are 4 reasons why I think personal trainers seem to find it easy to exercise. Each reason has its actionable advice to walk away and hit the gym (or road) like a boss!


1. Lots of Little Victories

Some personal trainers had major events in their life that made them focus on becoming fitter and healthier. Some trainers have always been in fitness and enjoy the competition. Some just enjoy how exercise makes them look. One thing they all have in common is that they have had success in attaining a certain amount of fitness, and those successes spurred them on to train harder and to teach other people how to achieve their fitness goals.
So what should I do? – Start small. So small you can’t fail. Make sure every week you have at least one chance to have a small victory. Your mindset will slowly change from “OMG this is boring” to “I’m a Boss!”


2. Habits

Personal trainers have habits ingrained into them. When they go to the gym, they do so before or after work. They have a programme written out so that they don’t have to come up with something new every time. Trainers and regular gym-goers usually have a certain ritual that they perform. This includes things like a warm-up, putting on some music, writing down their goals for that session. All these things help to create the path of least resistance, and make training doable, even when you are devoid of inspiration!
So what should I do? – Sometimes a dirty little gym that is on your way home is a million times better than a gym that has everything you ever wanted from a gym, but take an extra 15 minutes to get to. Just try to keep things as simple as possible.
Also, try workout around something you do every week without fail and at the same time each week if possible. Just before or after work is a good time. Also, going to a class is great for getting into an exercise routine.

3. They Know What To Do

Figuring out how to get your backside into the gym is your first step to regular exercise. The other half is knowing what to do when you are at the gym.
This point ties in well with the point about previous success. When you track how successful you have been in the little victories, you see a unique pattern that hows you what things make you feel great. The better you get, the less guesswork, the less wasted energy.
So what should I do? Try and find trusted source of information. Friends can be good, but will have limited knowledge, and if you’re to at the same level, they can hurt your progress. Finding a trainer you trust (like me!) or reading a fitness blog (like this one)! that helps you makes sense of the confusing world of fitness

4. It’s Part of Their Life.

This is last but definitely not least. My gym-ing philosophy is only an extension of my life. I am all about experiencing new things and learning self-mastery. I don’t particularly compete or take my workouts that seriously in all honesty. I just enjoy it. I enjoy beating my own records. I like being able to master a new skill. I really enjoy being able to do an exercise that is really hard, but make it look technically elegant and effortless. I like that exercising make me look good. It’s just not my goal when I walk into the gym.
So what should I do? Figure out who you really are. Then tie in your gym mentality into your life philosophy. If you are all about elegance and relaxation, Pilates is a great one to try. Jack of all trades? The just spend 4 weeks on one goal and then move onto something else. Movement of any sort is good for you.

These tips will really help reduce the resistance that you feel about going to the gym. When you’re in the rhythm, you will surprised how easy it is and how hard you found it before. For the moment, just start small. 🙂

photo credit: Runar Eilertsen via photopin cc

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