Working with a Bored Client – Set Some Damn Goals!

I’ve been a qualified personal trainer for 7 years now. One of my favourite parts of the job is the different people I get to meet, and the different type of clients I get to work with. I’ve written a short series on experiences I’ve had working with different clients. This is the third in the series. (Article #1 and article #2)

I recently gave up playing basketball. It was a decision I had been agonising over for months. I was part of a team that was practicing on Monday nights for 2 hours. I couldn’t place my finger on why something that has always given me great joy (pretty much all sport) was so hard-going.

Then it hit me. I was not getting any better. I was using the same old rusty skills I’ve had since breaking my 8 year hiatus from basketball. There was no progression. ????

Usually, Boredom is a Lack of Focus.

Progress is what we crave! And sometimes progress come easy , and so everything is fine, especially when you are a beginner. However, when you plateau (i.e. progress grinds to a halt), that’s when things get a little sticky, and that’s when a little expertise can go long way!

Whether you’re a beginner or been doing it for years, having a goal to focus on (both short term and long term) is important. Sometimes a lack of focus can come across as frustration, but usually it’s a sort of lethargy that sucks out all the fun!

How Do We Cure Boredom? Get out of your Comfort ZONE!

Sometimes, you just need someone to suggest something ridiculous and hard, and immediately your eyes light up at the possibility of a challenge. That’s where I come in!

I remember one client in particular, who had no idea what to do with their training. After asking her a hundred questions at the initial consultation, we figured out that she just wanted to enjoy training. And to enjoy it the training had to be challenging and offer her the opportunity to learn something new.

After just 6 weeks of work, she had learnt how to do a pull up. She was already quite fit but so the pull up as an impossible challenge (I didn’t!) The look on her face when she did that first pull-up was priceless! That feeling of being a bad-ass, and showing it… there ain’t nothing better!

What one question should you ask yourself if you’re getting bored of your workouts?
Don’t know… well check out the video below!

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